Accident Claims

The accident is one of the bad things that can happen to every person. Regardless of the type of accident claims, it is the right of you to obtain the right of the adverse events related to the accident. In this case, we will talk about what you should do after the accident.

If you are involved in any accident and want to receive compensation, you must first prove it. Now we will give you information about this issue. For accident claims firstly;

  • Eyewitness,
  • Photos of accidents,
  • Police reports,
  • Hospital reports etc.

accident claims reports

These details are important in accidents. If any of the above mentioned items are missing, your job will be very difficult. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to get support for the accident.


  • Collection of files,
  • Contact the advisor,
  • Agreement with the lawyer,
  • Interview of the lawyer with the insurance company,
  • Submission of the file to court,
  • Determination of court day,
  • On the day of trial,
  • Court ruling.

accident claims photos

If you have enough evidence, the above items will be positive for you. If you do not have enough evidence, you may be in a difficult situation with the counterclaim.

The court first proposes reconciliation. In case of a negative compromise, the court has to make a decision. This decision is entirely determined by the competence of evidence.