Car Accident

If you’ve had a car accident, first you have to take the wounded to the hospital. Medical treatment may vary depending on the size of the boiler. Next you need to do, Calling police to the place where the accident happened.

The police will write a report about the accident and take a picture. You will share this report and pictures with a lawyer.

The insurance company must first know the driver’s fault in order to pay the costs. It needs police reports to understand this. Both sides must help the police to report regularly.

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The insurance company will only pay the costs of the rightful party. Unfair side undertakes its own costs.

Car Accident Injury

If there is a car accident injury, the insurance company pays for the treatment costs. Because; if you are right, you are obliged to pay for the full costs until the treatment is completed. In case of permanent damage, you have the right to compensation.

In case of permanent damage, what are the documents the lawyer wants?

  • Accident reports,
  • Hospital report,
  • Accident related photo,
  • Injury related photo.

After delivering the above documents to your lawyer, you should decide how much money you need to claim from the insurance company. Remember, the insurance company has to pay all the expenses you have incurred.

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What to do while waiting for the outcome?

Hand over paid bills to your solicitor. Car accident law consultant will add bills to your file.

Please note that in case the case is rejected, the cost of the attorney will be added to the costs you have made. If the case is won, the payment will be sent to your account within 1 Week.

Choosing lawyers with experience in car accident injuries will make your job easier. I mean, you have to do research before you make a decision.